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Almost there!

I’m currently working on my final papers for college. It has already been three years – next month I will be graduating. It seems odd that it has been so long, I can recall the day I started as if it were yesterday. Anyway that’s all :P

Dynamically accessing data fields in LINQ using Expression trees

For a certain project I’m working on I needed a way to filter data in a LINQ query (LINQ to Entities) based on input given by the user. The user has to be able to select a certain property and compare that to given values.

The property names are fetched from the entity class using reflexion and listed in a dropdown input control. The next step would be to somehow use the selected value in my LINQ query as a property name. That however didn’t seem to be so trivial at first .. until I discovered expression trees.

Expression trees allow you to build expressions in the same way that you can use Lambda to build expressions but on a more verbose/dynamic way. It allows you to continue where lambda expressions can’t go thus giving you much more power.